In consideration of the current situation with COVID-19, the office will be closed until stay-at-home orders are lifted. The health and safety of my patients is and always will be my number one priority.

The good news is that Gillespie Physical Therapy & Massage is offering physical therapy video visits! This will allow you to address any new or existing injuries or pains without having to go into a medical office. Do not allow the current situation to stop your progress! Contact me for more information or click on the Online Scheduling tab to schedule your video visit.
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Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialized in the evaluation and management of patients of all ages with orthopedic conditions including pre- and post- surgery, injury, musculoskeletal pain, and movement dysfunction. Skilled one-on-one care is provided with the goal of empowering the patient and quickly returning them to their daily activities, exercise, sports, or doing whatever they love without limitation or discomfort.


Dry Needling Trigger point dry needling is an intervention in which a thin filiform needle penetrates the skin and is used to stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissue for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and movement dysfunction. It aids in speeding up recovery and return to active rehabilitation.


Custom Therapeutic Massage Sessions are customized to each individual client’s specific needs and goals utilizing a variety of massage and bodywork techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, cupping, kinesiotaping, trigger point release, stretching, and medical/orthopedic massage.


Certified through Claire Marie Miller Seminars, prenatal and postpartum massage focuses on nurturing the unique needs of expectant and new mothers including relaxation, reducing aches and pains, reducing swelling, and improving sleep.

Are you tired of living with tension and pain?