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Welcome to Gillespie Physical Therapy & Massage

Providing Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy services in Huntersville, NC


Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Utilizing in a variety of manual techniques and corrective exercise, we will help you reach your recovery goals

Dry Needling

A safe and effective intervention used to achieve immediate relief of pain and optimize muscle function

Custom Therapeutic Massage

Tailored to the client’s specific therapeutic goals for each session, regular massage can provide a number of physical and mental benefits

Prenatal / Postpartum Massage

Specialized massage focused on nurturing the special needs of new and expectant mothers

Gillespie Physical Therapy And Massage specializes in orthopedic physical therapy, manual therapy, and massage therapy. It is our goal to provide services that satisfy and improve the lives of our clients. We believe in incorporating a “hands-on” approach to assessing and addressing your condition to help you quickly return to doing the activities that you love with less pain and discomfort.

At Gillespie Physical Therapy And Massage we are dedicated to your wellness and recovery through one-on-one quality care and treatment.

“I came to Gillespie PT & Massage about a month ago with chronic lower back pain, barely
able to stand up straight. After several sessions with Elisa, and having dry needle treatments, my
back is much better ! So grateful for the wonderful treatments, and a detailed stretching
regimen Elisa put me on” -Ronald M.

“Gillespie Physical Therapy and Massage delivers extraordinary service and excellent care with every visit. Elisa is highly trained, professional, knowledgeable and top notch in her field. She always goes over and beyond expectations and is always caring and personable. Hands down the best physical therapist and massage therapist I’ve ever visited. She has made life changing improvements to my overall health.” -Tamara R.

“I started seeing Elisa after many failed attempts to regain some of the range of motion in my shoulder. Elisa has always been very patient and took the time to understand the history of my injury. After seeing Elisa for several visits I always walked away feeling better, and extremely happy with the care I received. I highly recommend Elisa as she is the most professional and knowledgeable massage therapist I have ever met.” -Elizabeth T.

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